All kids should play

According to an article published in Psychology Today, "studies show that youth who participate in organized sports during middle and high school" regularly and with some commitment- "do better academically and are offered greater job prospects than children who do not partake in sports activities".  Harvard University political scientist Robert D. Putnam, speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June of 2012, said that over the last 40 years, well-to-do American families have increased their spending on enrichment activities for their children almost ten times more than working class families.  He also said that the kids from the more served families are more likely to play after-school sports and to participate in other extra curricular activities which help to pave their way to success. 

Our Organization is striving to make the possibilities of success possible for All Kids.


Mission + Vision

To empower those who are more fortunate to provide the gift of sports equipment to those less fortunate... united in the vision that one day soon ALL KIDS CAN PLAY because ....