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We are now accepting donations of sports equipment from individuals, families, schools, corporations, and recreation councils.  Please contact us to schedule a pick-up or delivery. We accept donations throughout the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area, but please contact us wherever you are and we will do our best to coordinate.  Our mission is so important to us, that if you have the equipment to give that will change the lives of children, we will do everything in our power to resolve the logistics.  THANK YOU!     

Our supporters


We would like to thank our many supporters.  You are all important, large and small...every donation of sports equipment helps at least one child in need....

Please use the link to view a recent list of our most generous supporters....



All kids should play

All Kids Should Play

Donate Sports Equipment

We believe that ALL KIDS SHOULD have the opportunity to PLAY sports.  Please help us to provide this opportunity to all kids by donating new or used ( good condition) sports equipment.  We support various charitable youth organizations in need of sports equipment for their athletes. 

Your equipment donations give the gift of "opportunity" by enabling kids to participate in charitable youth sports programs.

All Kids Should Play, Inc. is a charitable

 501(c)(3) Organization.